Picking The Right Second Job

You may be a hard worker and someone who gets on a daily routine and does things right all the time. You may enjoy your job and find it to be satisfying. You may even consider yourself to be a good person. You may find that everything else is secondary?

If you belong to “Class A”, we can argue whether you should or shouldn’t be a part of it. Most likely, you may only have done your job so far for one reason and that is convenience. Most corporations today have a job that only exists to make the lives of other people miserable. They have adopted an equation that says “people are for not, things are for rent”. They have trained us to expect more from life than “what’s comfortable”. Most corporations don’t even know what misery is.

Maybe you shouldn’t consider your first paid job a second. You probably should not need to depend entirely upon a corporation for what you need and want. In reality, you have something of an “exchange” with your employer. When you need a job, you need to ask for one. When you need food for your child you go to a corporation for the best price. Well, what happens when you need a job? Well, you are forced to request your company’s solution to your problem from a capitalistic marketplace.

Since the world has seen the extensions of corporations with their low prices, potatoes, milk, gear, and food, it has been some time since I will see someone else money to pay my bills, while I expand my way of making money. When you need to “cash out” you should be doing it. It’s obviously important for you to get up and go to work, but it seems that renting is part of corporate America plans.

We know somewhere the capacity of corporations is going up and need to have fewer people to run them. As these corporations grow so do employees need jobs to make their lives worthwhile. You do not need to manage anything, just put in a minimum amount of work to get through the day. If you don’t want to work, go live with someone who does.

That is the way corporate America is today. American’s are dealing with an ever-increasing level of corporate mediocrity. The average person can no longer pay their bills both, get the kids to school, or make a home for their families if they only begin work at 9am. The system seems to be relying more on the corporation and less on the person. After all, they can afford it by renting the meeting rooms, food, and meals at the company. The main issue is that corporate America, and its employees, are constantly choosing to cut corners at every turn.

Picking your second job doesn’t mean picking a second lot to rent, and that eliminates one possible source of steady income. Having money on the side to use in any way you choose to support your life is what keeps a person stable. By seeing a second job as an additional source of income, you get your boss to work less and pay you more. Let’s stop that dynamic equation of rent plus deposits, and watch the percentage of rent and cash go up. Instead of finding solutions to your individual problems, corporate America finds that it’s behaving like their car rental MR Ts and their shiny new tier of game show hosts.

Stop paying taxes into a broken financial system of goods and services that have transformed the USA into a paperless society of credit cards. Join the thousands who have recognized that America’s private sector is the major problem in the country today, and vote with your currency of choice which is the dollar.

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