Creating Content Marketing Campaigns

The type of content marketing campaign that is appropriate for your business and campaign objectives is influenced by the nature of your business and industry, the availability of a marketing budget, audience demographics, any online marketing strategies you have in place (such as SEO and SEM), the marketing message you wish to communicate and the type of subscribers you receive. For example, does your want to generate leads from your subscribers, or is your content campaign primarily intended to provide added exposure and credibility? Do you want to increase brand awareness, direct conversions, share incoming traffic volume, or all of the above?

Budget limitations and working strategies

Building a marketing budget is a critical step to creating a successful content marketing campaign, so determining your budget would not be a good place to start. There are plenty of free tools available to determine how much you can spend on online advertising to bring website visitors to your pages. One of the first avenues you need to consider will be the type of results you want. Are you into local business, enabling online searches to display your local telephone number? Perhaps you have prospective leads from millions of people all around the world searching each day for a ‘gourmet coffee shop’ as an online search query, but your company is new. Your search advertising budget would be more effective if you needed to target only local businesses with heavy traffic and qualified visitors, a ‘viral’ method of engine optimization to encourage web customers to visit your site and learn about your product or service.

Will you be writing your content yourself, or will you be writing it on the fly, using some tool that has been made available online? If you have the time and the inclination to write the content yourself, you will save more money through the process of creating the blog for your business. Likewise, if you find the time to post the content on a website regularly, you will save a significant amount of money. Writing the content yourself can be very rewarding, finding more customers to use your blog to market their products or services, luring visitors to their website, building their email list. Posting your content on many different blog sites can be just as effective. Considered an authority by many people who refer prospects to your website, being an author for your own blog can add significant value to you and your business, and a lot of credibility in the process. Be sure that you conduct a thorough review of the most-used tools for your trade before deciding and committing yourself to the commitment.

Online techniques

Recognizing that content is a vital element of your marketing campaign is the first step. Next, these principles of creating content should push you to pursue specific ways in which you can increase the visibility of your site and your content.

When creating your content, you should identify a goal you want to achieve. Are you shooting for an occasionally updated blog, or would you rather leverage it for driving people directly to your sales letter or a sales page? Improving your search engine rankings will promote better lead conversion; a number of visitors who are visiting your site per hour or per page. When you have a goal and are coming up with high-quality copy, you’re able to generate more attention for your site. You therefore can effectively segment your subject matter, focusing the attention of the people who perform a search query within your market on particular topics. You will achieve an easier audience for your marketing message and lead conversion, so your content is more effective.

Generating relevant content and following your audience through to conversion is the key to creating successful content marketing campaigns. When generating the content, your marketing message should be relevant and full of content that someone on your list may actually want to know about. Potential leads will trust you, and the products and services you are marketing to, more readily if you are providing them with valuable content that has been written by a real person and not ‘ changed’ into auto-generated, keyword-stuffed nonsense. It’s a little like the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t got your name on it, don’t give me your money.’

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